Sunday, 21 June 2015

Holy trip to Shirdi, Nashik and Shani Shingnapur

You say this a divine call or just a coincidence! After more than a year of our marriage, suddenly we decided to have a Holy Darshan to Shirdi. This is My third (3rd) trip in this Moon dasha and Rahu bhukti. 

I made First trip to Shirdi when i was 9 years old. First invitation from "Sai Baba", the time my left feet was hurt while playing Jumping game with friends. Difficult to ground the Little Toe from this incident. This happened in Venus dasha and Rahu bhukti. Journey with my family members.

 Second call received in Sun dasha and Rahu bhukti with friends.. The time i am more proximity to this saint "Shirdi Sai Baba". Frequent visit to his temple in Uppal (small area/ region in Hyderabad). Done Parayana authored by Shri Ekkirala Bharadwaja. The time i was introduced to Astrology. Experienced Spiritual dreams in this period.

All i observed that "Rahu" (North node of Moon) played key role for Spiritual upbringing in me. I don't know why ! May be its strong position in 6th H with exalted Sun (lord of Karma-10th H). May be because of Rahu's 5th aspect on Moon (9th H lord)

Started here from  Hyderabad on 17th June 2015 night @ 18:30, reached Shirdi (660 Kms) next day by the time 09:30 A.M. As i already booked Room online here , it doesn't took much time for waiting. I extended a day (H-77) which costs me the same Rs. 200 (Non-AC).

After 3 hrs struggle in queue, fortunate to have darshan of Lord Shri Sai Baba on 18-June-2015, Holy Thursday, Adhika Ashada Maasam, Shukla Trutiya, Punarvasu star @ 15:20.


Flashes of Shirdi Sai Baba's life appeared in my mind during my visits to 'Lendi, Chavadi, Samadhi's' (Baba's disciples). We were stuck at 'Dwarakamai' due to heavy rain in that evening. This is the place "Sai Baba" lived entire life and where his Soul sighted miraculously few years back. 

This same day in the evening booked for Nashik tour @ 'Sai Seva Travels' per head Rs. 250.
Next day on 19-June; Friday, Pushyami star, left Shirdi to Nashik (distance 83 Kms) @ 09:35 A.M.

Panchavati (12:00 P.M)

Godavari River
Ahilya Ram
Seetha Gufa


Trayambhakeshwar Temple:

We have been to 'Muktidham' on the way to Shirdi.

Shani Shingnapur (20-June-2015)
Luckily, this day was Saturday. We hired a Autorickshaw charged Rs.120 per Person.
Here, this place is quite different compared to my last visit 13 years back. We are not allowed to touch Idol of Lord Shani dev. There is also no rule of wearing dhoti.

Khandoba temple (17:25)

Chote Baba

In the sequence of events that were destined to become famous as part of the early life of a most beloved and very great saint, this small temple is of two-fold importance: first as the spot where Shri Sai Baba halted on his entry into Shirdi with the wedding party of Chand Bhai Patil, and secondly as a place where he acquired his name.

It is said that a young man, dressed in the Muslim fashion in a Kafni (Robe) arrived in a bullock cart as the guest of the wedding party. As the party approached the temple, the temple priest, Mhalsapati, on seeing the fakir, called out, “Ya, Sai!” (“Welcome, Sai!”) and the name remained ever after (Sai is a Persian word meaning “saint” or ‘holy’, and Baba means “father”). In this way, it was Mhalsapati who was responsible for Baba’s name, which has become the sacred mantra of thousands of his devotees.

Evening @ 19:30, we left Shirdi in Telangana tourism.

Hope my next call to Shirdi in Mars dasha and Rahu bhukti (later 7 years from now).

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