Sunday, 3 May 2015

Thoughts of Koundinya

A New thought on the Top of Post:  

My Kindness spells Arrogance, contrary My Frustration mistook as Compassion. Oh God, how to adjust My Life!

  • Everyone has or make Excuses, but it shouldn't be the way of life.
  • I'm frequently been annoyed by the People who love me most, usually I cause provocation to the People whom I love most.
  • We should treat others the way we would like to be treated.
  • Fidelity of deplorable people causing much pain than unfaithfulness of adorable ones.
  • Alienation to fellow beings on Earth clarifies dissociation of this part of the World, but comforts of living makes me feel that this Planet owes me for good deeds may have done in my Spirit state.
  • Mine Attitude depends upon how others are responding to My Innocence.
  • It's quite difficult to judge What is Truth or What is Lie!, after all so many Weird incidences happening in My Life. 
  • The mere thought of dream or any goal to acquire is worth of living, otherwise there is no reason of existence without it.
  • All Physical Objects which we are visualizing now are extensions of Non-physical energy frequencies in Multi-dimensional Universe.
  • When a Spirit / Soul got lost in Astral plane, It will end up in Physical World.
  • I am as good as bad and as bad as good.
  • Are you trying to buy the time? I bet you are being call as 'Mr. Nowhere'. Kill the time, then you are something.
  • Whenever i tried to live for others, what i gain is pain, trouble and misunderstandings. The taste of being an introvert at most times won nothing but a honor, respect and love. This is what i call as 'secret to live in society'. 
  • Perfections arise from all Imperfections. I dream to be an ideal for the World, but reversely am compelling to know Myself rather.
  • Innocence ruined me a little, while my arrogance destroyed me a lot.
  • My Life never runs on smooth. I always face extremes either in Love or in Hate.
  • Lies (half-truths) itself are born from Truths.
  • I wish i could have born with strong Sun in Ascendant which would have kept Self-confidence intact throughout my life.
  • You can't change the future, only can postpone it.
  • More You Suffer, Much of Wisdom and Humility you gain.
  • I am eyeing tendencies of persons all the time how they are responding to my simplicity.
  • In Life, we come across Myriads of temperaments either in relation or in strangers, but we find attachments in drops of glances, if we are not worth living for them, then what the purpose of our living!
  • I Know I am tough but not evil-heart. Moola Nakshatra people are always kind & extend helping hand to people around them in need. But u people never understand us.
  • Better to learn than to meditate.
  • Square hand people generally speak slowly and ponderously as if they must weigh each word.