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Readings of My Right Palm (Palmistry)

I am much fascinated by cheiro’s way of describing palmistry and Numerology than Narayan Dutt Shrimali’s Palmistry and Richard Webster’s Palmistry for Beginners.

I am tempted to allude the knowledge of Palmistry especially about my hand.

Cheiro, most successful seer retired from public life after 40 years of continuous occult research work. During his sojourn in India, he was allowed to examine ancient and curious book on the markings of hands, which was one of the greatest treasures of the few Brahmans jealously guarded in one of those old cave temples that belong to the ruins of ancient Hindustan.

One of the strangest features of this book was made of human skin and written in vivid red liquid letters that age had fail to spoil, on the pages of dull yellow skin was most remarkable.

The study of hand divided into 2 sections: Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy. The former deals with the shape of hand and fingers, and relates to influence of character and disposition; the latter relates to the lines and markings of the palm, to the events of past, present and future.

Anaxagorus has said: ‘the superiority of man is owing to his hands.’

The old saying is “The left is the hand we are born with indicating the natural character and the right is the hand we make showing the training, experience and the surroundings brought to bear on the life of the subject”.
When comes to display of my Right Hand (shape and markings):


I am gifted with writer’s Fork. I don’t know whether am able to utilize it properly or not.

a) When comes to shape of my hand, I’m still trying to figuring it out whether this hand of mine is either square hand or Mixed hand.

b)  When starting with fingers of my Oblong palm, much of the analysis can be done by markings on thumb. The supple-jointed thumb (bending from the hand) indicating that I am bit extravagant person, not only in money matters but in thought; spend-thrifts—improvident of time, improvident of wealth; quickly at home in whatever society are thrown; have the sentimental love of kindred and country, as opposed to practical; settle down easily to new work and surroundings.
The wider angle of thumb indicating “Angle of Generosity”. As first tip phalange is longer than second, the individual will have more Will power than logic. The larger bump formed on the outside of the thumb where it joins the palm shows “Angle of Practicality”. Conic tip of thumb appearing waisted means the person is diplomatic and tactful.

c)  Stress lines called horizontal lines found on each of my fingers. There is a gap between Jupiter and Saturn fingers, indicating in independent thinker who is able to make decisions. A gap between Apollo and mercury finger is a sign of unconventional thinking and can lead to difficulties in close relationships.

d) My little finger (Mercury) curves towards Apollo finger indication that person will sublimate his own ambitions to help others called “Finger of Sacrifice”.

e)  Apollo or sun finger represents beauty and creativity. Second phalange is longer denotes I have extremely good taste and would do well in a field where this could be used.

f)   Saturn finger governs common sense, restrictions and restraint, duty and service. Curve of saturnine over Apollo, indicates the subject holds back creatively, underrating his capabilities, will need plenty of encouragement from family and friends. This shows I am frequently tempted to play rather than “dig in” and work.
Long second/middle phalange and smooth saturnine finger tells I will be a good organizer and enjoy performing work that is highly involved and have a strong interest in Occult.

g)  The Jupiter finger denotes drive, ambition, leadership qualities and the ego. Both the middle and base phalanges are long, this shows my intelligence, practical, optimistic nature and interests in Philosophy and religion.

h) Heart line governs Love and emotions. As heart line ends with three branches gives an indication of extremely emotional in romantic relationships regarded as being a lucky sign. A steep curve between index and middle finger indicates strong sexual desire. As heartline touches the headline and the lifeline, the person is likely to experience a betrayal of love. A slight curve towards the headline shows a person with an intellectual bend of mind.

i)   The Headline on palm governs the person’s intellect. The degree of slope of line indicates the amount of imagination the person has. The line of head from the commencement of the line of life connected with it denotes excess of caution, sensitive and nervous temperament.
My Forked Heart line terminating in Mount of Luna promises literary talent of imaginative order. This also implies my dual nature.

A line of Head sends an offshoot to the mount of Jupiter; it is a sign of wonderful success in all things attempted.

j)    What to say about my lifeline, I am still unclear in my knowledge. As it is sweeps out away allowing Mount of Venus a greater scope, this indicates physical stamina and energy.

k)  I am fortunate to have ‘LA CROIX MYSTIQUE’ at the centre of quadrangle denotes my interest in Mysticism, Occultism and Superstition. As this touching my fate line, the love of mystic will influence my entire career.

l)   When having a look on line of marriage, this tells I will engage in between 25 and 30 years and will be gifted with 2 children. Nevertheless, a fork in line of marriage tells divorce or judicial separation early and chances of second marriage.

m) The mounts reveals what the person enjoys doing, so are extremely helpful in vocational analysis. High prominent mount of Venus indicates that I am affectionate, sympathetic, interested in Love and Beauty, passionate have plenty of energy & enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoy life.

              Well –developed Apex and prominence of Mount of Luna tells the subject has an active imagination, Day-dreamer and interested in creative persuits.

          The degree of firmness of mount of mars on both sides relates Physical courage, amount of aggression, Argumentative and moral courage.

n) The well-developed mount of Saturn shows I am responsible, hard-working and usually loved by others, yet tend to be gloomy and solitary. I will enjoy work that is detailed and do my own with little inputs from others. I find it difficult to express affection and love in return.

o)  The star connected with line on mount of sun at the middle denotes great fame and celebrity, but through talent and work in art. This gives brilliancy of wealth and position, but as a rule without happiness. The price has probably paid in way of health, or perhaps in peace of mind.

p)  The star on mount of Mars under Jupiter, great distinction and celebrity will arise from a martial life or a single battle or warfare in which I will be engaged.

q)   Crosses indicate trouble, disappointment, danger and sometimes change in position of life. But exceptionally, there are crosses on mount of Jupiter reveals at least one great affection will come into the life.

A cross on mount of moon under line of head denotes a fatal influence on imagination. The man with such a sign will deceive even himself.

Cross on mount of mars under mercury, denotes dangerous opposition of enemies. Cross on mount of Sun, terrible disappointment in pursuit of fame, art or riches.

A cross by the side of line of fate, and between it and the life-line in the plain of Mars, denotes opposition in one’s career by relatives, and means a change in the destiny.

r)  A travel line, line of intuition and Romantic lines plays a major role. The Loop of Common –sense is found between the Apollo and Saturn fingers and belongs to people who keep their feet on the ground and think before acting. People with this loop also have a strong sense of responsibility and a desire to help others. This loop also known as the “Loop of Good Intent”.

s)   The Degree of Creativity is measured by the size of the curve on the percussion side of the palm. The fine curving line beside the base of the Apollo finger on the side of the Mercury finger simply implies Inherited Money.

t)   A series of 4 tiny vertical lines below the little finger implies “Medical Stigmata” often called “Samaritan lines”.

I am aware of what is happening around me, even though still unable to predict near future because of uncommon and Strange experiences I face every time , clear in the sense due to Rahu with Sun in Aries(6th house) and Saturn in Lagna(scorpio) house of my Birth chart.

Sun line comes from Heart line, indicates complete success in life. However, earlier life is quite full of troubles, but they raise so much with their own efforts that people get wonder struck. At age of 45 their fame and respect reach at higher level. My works is done in miraculous manner and get everlasting praise even after death.

238 Yog’s in palmistry alluded and explained by Dr.Narayan Dutt shrimali (1933-1998), President of the World Astrology Conference in 1992.
2 of 238 yog’s are which I found on my palm.

A) Chaturmukh yog:  (Fish-like shape above bracelets.)
Tells that I am highly educated, clever and farsighted. He knows thoroughly well many arts. He is Generous, virtuous and sweet spoken. He is a high officer.

Gal yog: (Mark of scorpion in palm) i.e. a vertical line up from Bracelets. I m fore bearing and gentle in behavior. He pardons his enemies. I am very promising, wealthy and as high ideals. Person is honored in the society, fully successful in his life economically and spiritually.

Note: Actually this article about my Palm analysis written by Me on September 2010.

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