Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Readings of My Right Palm (Palmistry)

I am much fascinated by cheiro’s way of describing palmistry and Numerology than Narayan Dutt Shrimali’s Palmistry and Richard Webster’s Palmistry for Beginners.

I am tempted to allude the knowledge of Palmistry especially about my hand.

Cheiro, most successful seer retired from public life after 40 years of continuous occult research work. During his sojourn in India, he was allowed to examine ancient and curious book on the markings of hands, which was one of the greatest treasures of the few Brahmans jealously guarded in one of those old cave temples that belong to the ruins of ancient Hindustan.

One of the strangest features of this book was made of human skin and written in vivid red liquid letters that age had fail to spoil, on the pages of dull yellow skin was most remarkable.

First Payment Proof I received from Google Adsense

Google AdSense is the excellent source to earn part-time / full-time income. All i got from My YouTube Channel which i am using since 1 year.

Here is the Proof for my 1st Payment after 6 Months of struggle of uploading the Videos (75) and all i got is $102 from 80,000 views with 2800 Ad Clicks (average of $0.04 CPC).

Wire transfer to my ICICI Bank Account

My First Payment from ClixSense ($8)

Since Feb 2007, ClixSense paid approx $1 Crore to around 5 Million Members. This most trusted Paid-to-Click (PTC) site for those who want to earn Money online.

Here i would like to share My first Payment from ClixSense which i got credited on 4th -Nov-2014.

Paypal Proof:

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Rewards from SBI Life (2014)

                                                      "Crown YourSelf" Meeting (14-Aug-2014)


Mistakes... Mistakes... Mistakes...!

Knowingly (or) Unknowingly, We all do Sins and repent later. Anyway We can't change our Past, but can mould our Future in bright way leaving behind all dirty things we passed on.

Here is the time to confess yourself whole-heartedly. Confessions are of 2 types in my opinion: A) Open ; B) Secret (You chose what you wanna express).