Tuesday, 24 June 2014

First Tweet to Begin

Most Welcome to My Blog.

                   I am feeling much alone myself. I thought of put myself into this.
My Dreams, My Achievements, My Articles, My Family, My Fiction,,,,, My Words....
This is going to be My World. Only Me and My Imagination.
          A Wish
Lo… I pray to God.
To free me from bondage of ignoramus,
Let Chains of avaricious broken down,
Befall a provocative fragrance of Spirituality,
May shower the blessings of Lord Jupiter n Mercury,
Oh Supreme one, I beseech u, d nectar of divinity,

Humbleness in me ought not to perish until my last Breath.
                                                                                       Written by,
                                                      S. Koundinya [Me}